Era of the New Son-in-Law is airing now!

Era of the New Son-in-Law, a new hit show in Mainland China is airing on several major networks in China.  The show follows a few different daughters and son-in-laws and is making a splash with Chinese audiences with their fresh perspectives of family member roles.

Cary plays Peter, Meili’s handsome, sharp and well meaning boss and manager of the Publishing company.

Unfortunately, the show does not air outside of China at this point, but for those that can view it, watch it here:

Cary Woodworth in the chinese tv comedy Era of the New Son-in-Law, starring Niu Li, Lin Yong Jian

Cary has been cast as “Jake” in the feature film “Last American Guido”

Bada bing!  Cary has been cast among a slew of guidos and guidettes in this comedy being directed by Vito LaBruno.  Being shot in NYC/NJ area, this is the storyline from the filmmakers:

In the ’90s, Tommy Russo ruled the Jersey club scene. His style, moves, and sheer confidence were unprecedented. Nowadays, Tommy runs an Italian Deli to support his family. His hairline has receded and his fashion has faded. When Tommy discovers his fiancé, Stefi, had an affair, he is forced back into a world that has passed him by. His friends Stan and Nick reintroduce him to the NJ nightlife. He struggles to adapt to a younger world of $400 bottles of vodka, “iced out chains” and super-spiked hair. Tommy, sinking deeper into crisis, accepts the cautionary advice of a town degenerate and through new-found motivation meets an adorable Texan named Gina. The couple hits it off. Tommy lands his own reality-television show–“The Last American Guido”–and things are looking up. That is until Gina’s overly protective ex, Johnny, conspires with Stefi in a plot to use Tommy’s reality show against him and sabotage his relationship. Tommy must fend off Johnny’s karate, Stefi’s devious charm, pressure from family and friends, and inner resentment-all to win back Gina…

Cary plays Jake, an eager beaver – the technically obsessed, sexually ambiguous crew member of the reality tv show “Last American Guido”.  By the way, this is a comedy.

Updates and photos will soon follow!